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New forum!

Hey guys Jamison904 here. So we decided to go back with the paid forum software that we used to have before everything was lost. This forum software has many awesome features. The look and feel is premium (hence the “paid” part. Haha…) The built in mobile version almost makes it feel like you no longer need Tapatalk. We have already… Read more →


Hey guys Jamison904 here. Just wanted to post this to let everyone know that we have moved the forum from to the new location Link to site There were some issues with major plug-ins and with the address the way it is. So for you guys to have the best experience possible we had to make the change.… Read more →

BioShock for the Note 4

Hey guys Jamison904 here. I have updated BioShock to 2.0 for the Note 4 today. Here is the major changes. 2.0 – Dec 7th 2014 BioShock Governor – A mix of ConservativeX and Lionheart. Better battery and more performance! Added Frandom Add Linaro -o3 build Compiled with linaro-4.8 toolchain You can follow this project at Infamous Development or XDA Read more →

Infamous Performance

Hey guys, Jamison904 here. We just added a new feature to Infamous performance! Now you can trouble shoot right from the app with Logcat. You can now have a better understand why apps force close or even system issues. This is a tool for everyone from developer down to the end user. Help your developer help you!! I am going… Read more →