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What’s up guys, Jamison904 here. So you say that Infamous has so much going on you can’t find our downloads. Well we now make it super easy to find what you want. Introducing Infamous Downloads! We have put together the latest and greatest compilation of links per device. We have also added this the the latest Infamous Development app. Infamous… Read more →

Infamous Pro

Hey guys! Jamison904 here. With all the new and awesome Infamous things going on, we need your help. Our servers are getting larger and our bills are getting even larger. We want to provide you with the best and fastest experience that we can. This is more then possible but at a cost. I am paying for everything out of… Read more →

Inbox invites!

Hey guys Jamison904 here. We have 3 for sure and 6 possible inbox invites to give away! Rules are easy. Just post in our give away thread ( thread link here ) and we will be picking winners throughout the day. I will contact the winner via PM for their gmail address unless they feel like posting it. Then I… Read more →

Family Time Just got Interestingly…Big

Tablets had taken over the technology world at some point. You either heard of a tablet, own a tablet or one is currently collecting dusts because of Phablets. It is making a comeback. Nabi, a manufacturing company that aims to please children just got even more interesting, and bigger, are making family time more fresh with their new 24″ and 20″… Read more →

Messaging/SMS & MMS?

As we all know there are a ton of messaging apps that we as Android users have the choice of picking through. Just to name a few: Textra SMS Delicious Inc. FREE hello sms hello sms FREE GO SMS Pro GO Dev Team chomp SMS Delicious Inc. Handcent SMS handcent_market 8sms (Stock Messaging, KitKat) ThinkLeft FREE 100000+ SMS Messages Mobizerg… Read more →