CF-Auto-Root for the Note 4 is here!

It was September 3, 2014 that we heard about the official specs of the Galaxy Note 4, one of the many beautiful Note devices by Samsung. The device is not out yet, but we got root!

CF-Auto-Root, by one of the Senior Moderator Chainfire been around for the sweetest of times. I did not know anything about it until the Galaxy S4 days, and it did its job with my Note 3 as well.  If you do not know, CF-Auto-Root is one of the most efficient way for you to root your. It does not install a custom recovery, a custom rom, or anything else you can think of. It simply adds SuperSu binary and provide you with SuperSu installed after you boot. When I saw his posts in the International forum for the Note 4, I could not help but to comment and thank him for providing root for the Asian devices.

Wait, back up here. International? You are probably thinking what does that have anything to do with me as a Verizon user, Sprint user, ATT user, T-mobile user? About the Canadian users? MetroPc?. Calm down….We all know Chain works fast. If the international has it all that mean is he is simply waiting for the US release to acquire the stock firmware. The minute you get a hold of that before he does, simply send him a message and he will be on it.

Make sure to thank him or buy the donated version of SuperSu. If you do not want to donate to him, I guarantee you will like the additional features it will provide you!


Happy Pre-ordering!

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