Infamous Performance


Hey guys, Jamison904 here. We just added a new feature to Infamous performance! Now you can trouble shoot right from the app with Logcat. You can now have a better understand why apps force close or even system issues. This is a tool for everyone from developer down to the end user. Help your developer help you!! I am going to make a thread on how to use logcat later today. Check it out and be in the know!

Thanks to Nolan Lawson who is the developer of logcat for making it open source and using the WTFPL, license. Now that being said, integrating two apps into one is like adding halo to CM11 without the commit to use as rough guide. Here is the commit were I added logcat. 

Anyways, I still have a lot planned for this project so keep an eye out and let me know if you have suggestions. Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


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