Learn Android development on the go

So you want to learn how to become a real Android developer? You want to know how to build your own apps from the ground up? Maybe you want to start your own aosp project. First you need to learn Java.

Hey guys Jamison904 here. So I know that not everyone has the time to sit in a class or even in front of a computer for hours to try to learn Java. That is where Udemy comes in.


With Udemy you can download their app from the playstore and enroll into an assortment of class. Some free and some paid. (They have an awesome sale going on right now by the way.)


Then instead of browsing Facebook or YouTube, you can be doing a course on Udemy right on your phone. Let’s face it we all waste, er um… spend countless hours on our devices that we can put to better use.

I for one have trouble sleeping so for a few hours a night I normally am on my phone doing one thing or another. Why not learn to do something during this time?

Now for the learning Java part. I suggest enrolling and completing a free course, Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners by John Purcell.

John Purcell is the owner of The Cave of Programming. Be sure to check it out and all John’s programs and offers. John is a stand up guy and if you can’t afford to pay for his classes you can email him explaining your situation and he will give you free access. Now that is dedication!

I personally have purchased all of his courses. John does very well at making Java easy to learn even for beginners. His courses are top notch and I highly recommend them, even if you just get his free ones.

Let me know what you guys think and if you found this information useful. I am not connected to Udemy or John in anyway nor am I getting a kickback from either. I just know how hard it was for me to get the information I needed to get started so I wanted to share this with my friends. Enjoy!

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