Note 4 First Firmware Update (XXU1ANJ4)

The Galaxy Note 4, which have been the hot topic of the past several months in the android community, just received it first official firmware update before US carriers have received it. The firmware update number XXU1ANJ4 is said to be a small file size at only 36MB. Pretty small for an update but it is supposed to improve “battery life significantly.”

If you are among the lucky few who have preorder, and WILL be receiving their Note 4 today you are in for a great treat! If you are like the rest of the unlucky pre-order buyers, or have to wait until it come out in the store, no worries, you will just have to wait until Friday at the most. Great news right? That depends.

Those who love to root their phones, you will know the International Note 4 have already received root, previously published. I will suggest you wait out on the update until there is an official root update from Chainfire. We will hate for you to have to wait extra days for an update!


Happy Waiting!



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