Run Android on your computer with BlueStacks

You no longer need an Android device to run Android apps. BlueStacks can run popular games and apps right on your computer! What about the latest streaming / video download app Showbox? It is compatible as well. Development on Android emulators have come a long way the last few years,  BlueStacks is the most stable and user friendly I have used.


Installing BlueStacks is as simple as running the EXE file. The program requires 2GB of RAM and 9GB of disk space. See the slider below for easy step by step screenshots of the install process.

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Note: There is a part of the playstore setup where you are giving the app sync permissions and it will already have your email hard-coded into the email field. You click next and it tells you to add an email but it already is there and you cannot edit it. To fix this click on create new account and it will take you to another page and there you will see a button that says “sign in” click this and now you can add your email and finish the setup. 

User Interface



Instead of seeing the typical Android home screen, as you would with other Android emulators, you’re presented with rows of apps. The custom launcher reassembles the OUYA’s UI. Keep in mind that this is an emulator and you can access settings by pulling the right drop down and clicking the settings tile. Then you have some basic settings as well as access to advanced settings that you are more used to.





Now in the upper right there is a plus on the first row. This is the all apps button or app drawer that is on all typical traditional home launchers. This is where all the apps you have access to and have downloaded will be. The others showing in the main screen are only a link to the apps they show or a link to the app on the playstore for you to download. The worst part, however, is that there’s no way to rearrange the apps on the home screen or to remove any of the thumbnails. Every time you start BlueStacks you’ll see these suggested apps.


Overall the performance is good. I tested a bunch of games and other applications and they ran great.  Some didn’t even launch so development is still in progress. I am pretty happy with BlueStacks and the fairly decent application. Check it out and leave some feedback on what apps worked for you and your experience.

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