Once Famous, can only become but Infamous.

We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion, We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget, EXPECT US!

Infamous Productions

Hey guys Jamison904 here! We have completely overhauled our application site – Infamousgit.com. Come check it out and all the pages. I am looking for feedback to make it more appealing to new users. Any suggestions are greatly appreciate! Click to view video. Read more →

BioShock for the Note 4

Hey guys Jamison904 here. I have updated BioShock to 2.0 for the Note 4 today. Here is the major changes. 2.0 – Dec 7th 2014 BioShock Governor – A mix of ConservativeX and Lionheart. Better battery and more performance! Added Frandom Add Linaro -o3 build Compiled with linaro-4.8 toolchain You can follow this project at Infamous Development or XDA Read more →

Infamous Pro

Hey guys! Jamison904 here. With all the new and awesome Infamous things going on, we need your help. Our servers are getting larger and our bills are getting even larger. We want to provide you with the best and fastest experience that we can. This is more then possible but at a cost. I am paying for everything out of… Read more →